full moon insights | august 2019

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The full moon in Aquarius has an important question for you.

What are you holding on to, and how is that holding you back?

This full moon take a serious inventory and really check in with yourself.

Aquarius is an air sign which means breathing and connecting to your prana fully. Does your lifeforce flow with ease and contentment, or does it feel held back and sticky? Think about the perception of your current reality.
Do you feel helpless, or hopeful? Remember the lens you place over any experience will flavour it so.

Ask yourself: Am I happy? Lean into the spaces that feel hesitant to say yes. Why is this so? Recognize the beauty in accepting what is and let go of the need to control.
Breathe deep as you reflect and shift into the magic that thrives in allowing yourself to bask in the flow of life.
You are a powerful creator of your life experience.

Ask yourself: What current reality could use a perspective shift?

Hint: Stop expecting things to flow exactly as planned and recognize your potent power to take control and step away from old thought modalities. Invite curiosity and gratitude to navigate the edgier terrains.

When we shift inward and take inventory, we gift ourselves the ability to step into our full power and potential - as a result, everything around us shifts too.
Again, ask yourself: Am I helpless, or hopeful? This is your choice in so many areas of life. Health. Friendships. Relationships. Family. Work. Finances. And on and on...

This full moon, welcome in the higher self and the wonder of your intellect and newfound perceptions.

Shake it out.
Dance it out.
Shift your perspective.
You got this.
All of it.

Full moon in Aquarius, who dis?!

intuitive guidance by | Miranda Leeann