full moon insights | october 2019



There is an undeniable electricity in the October air as the veil between the worlds of the seen and unseen thins.

Think about yourself as having a veil, what do you allow to be seen, and what do you keep hidden? What lurks beneath the surface and is yearning to be let out? While on the reverse side, what are you missing that is in plain sight, but has yet to be acknowledged and seen? These are important questions to sit with.

The month of October is acutely dialled into the spiritual self which gives us a heightened opportunity to hold ceremony and rituals as we cycle through our growth in recognizing what’s influencing our vibration, both internally and externally. Spirit activity is more prevalent now than any other time of year, which further allows us to tap into our ancestral energy that lives deep within us. 

The October Full Moon is also called the Blood Moon as it comes right before Halloween/Samhain, and as she rises with electric October energy, notice your ability to connect with spirit. 
Tune into your spirit; the undeniable energy that so intuitively guides and irks at you. Tune into the spirit of your ancestors and the sprit of loved ones that are no longer with us in the physical plane - recognize the powerful knowings rooted deep in your blood and bones that help guide you. Then step back and observe. Feel your way through this.

Can you recognize any cycles within your bloodline that are lurking beneath the surface?
What needs your compassionate acknowledgement in order to be set free?
These type of cycles can show up as limiting beliefs, habits, triggers, and things we say, “run in the family”. 
Lean into this energy and recognize if perhaps it’s time for these cycles to “run out” instead. 
Unshackle yourself. You have the power to cut this cord.

Remember:  You are only bound by the energy you believe to be true - you are only bound to what you allow to be your truth.  Speak what pains you out loud, thank this part of your journey for the lesson and then step into your higher vibrational self. 
The unseen becomes seen when we acknowledge truth. Remove the armour. Allow the fiery Aries Full Moon energy to burn it all away.

The Aries Full Moon is a wild one, that burns strong with motivation and guidance; a nudge to recognize yourself as a natural born leader.  Embody this energy.
Contemplate: If you’re not leading yourself, who is? 

Walk between the worlds of the seen and unseen as you dive into your depths and unshackle yourself. 
Be gentle with yourself, the fire to speed up this process may feel strong, but It’s important to allow this process to unravel intuitively, being mindful to cut cords while embodying the vibration of love and never from ego.

This is a new cycle.


You are ready.

intuitive full moon reading by: Miranda Leeann