full moon insights | september 2019

full moon insights

It’s time to embrace that things aren’t as crazy as you may think.  

The Harvest Full Moon in Pieces is asking you to step into your intuitive emotional self with a full body, YES!

As we prepare to shift into a new season, it’s time to harvest seeds that have cycled into their full expression, and with a deep intuitive knowing, acknowledge which seeds belong in the garden, and which ones don’t. 

Not sure what to pluck away?  Feel it. What emotions bubble up?

The full moon in emotional and intuitive Pisces, brings up lingering emotions that are fogging your psychic and intuitive self - it’s time to clear away what isn’t yours to carry.

Emotional bodies around us can easily sway and blur the lines between auric fields - recognize this, then separate yourself from any energies that are not your own. 

Lean into the energy of the pack you are running with. How does this feel? Allow your emotional body to tap into the liquid consciousness that floods through you. Are you giving and receiving energy in this pack? Are you evolving into your highest calling in this space? What’s holding you back? Who is holding you back? These are important questions to illuminate.

Don’t be afraid to fall away and be on your own. Run wild and stop labeling your intuitive knowings as crazy. Step into your power - and trust that there are no coincidences. 

As you further scan and work with your emotional body, tap into the way you communicate and express yourself. Your words hold enchantment and vibration. 

Slow down and take time with what you communicate. Are you speaking your truth eloquently and with intention? 

You may be surprised by what you can attract by speaking words with full body intention and vibration. Honouring your emotional truth feels good - bask in this energy and don’t be afraid to speak it out loud. 

A reminder: What you feel is valid and no one can tell you or make you feel differently about this - unless you decide to give this power away. You are always in control. Remember this. 

Luck is on your side this Friday the 13th, with the Pisces Full Moon feels flooding in strong. 

Howl at the moon with your pack.  

Howl at the moon on your own. 

Howl at the moon with a new pack. 

Either way, just make sure your voice vibrates with a FULL BODY YES. 

You are a force to be reckoned with, wild one!

intuitive guidance by | Miranda Leeann

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