dark turquoise | feather hair extensions

dark turquoise | feather hair extensions


dark turquoise feather hair extension | 5 pack
// for dark or light hair | please scroll down for more info

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// Pack of 5 Dark Turquoise Feather Hair Extensions + 5 silicone lined micro beads //

Perfect for dark or light hair, with an added pop of turquoise coloured feathers.

Feather hair extensions create a beautiful accent, add volume and/or extend the length of your hair.
Feathers blend beautifully with your own hair and create a highlight-like appearance.

The feather hair extensions come as a pack of 5 extensions (strands).
Each strand carries 50 feathers and is about 40 cm long.
Depending on the length of your hair and placement on the head, one string can be cut into multiple strands.
Your feathers can be washed, blow dried, straightened, and curled.

Natural feather hair extensions are semi-permanent utilizing micro ring crimp beads to secure in your hair.
The micro ring crimp bead connection to the feather hair extensions is very subtle and almost invisible in the hair.
Each strand can be used multiple times as you reroot your feathers with the micro ring crimp beads.

For the best protection and care of your feathers, do NOT use oil based hair products.
Coloured feathers may fade over time.

Made from ethically sourced feathersi.

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MAINTENANCE: Feather fair extensions can be washed with your regular shampoo, blow dried, straightened and curled.
For the best protection and care of your feathers, do not use oil based hair products.

INSTALLATION: Feather hair extensions can be applied at any hair salon that works with micro ring hair extensions, or at one of our pop-up shops in Toronto, Canada.

If you have any questions before purchasing, please connect with Miranda at: hi@acrobuddhas.com