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Help me book my spot in the ACRO TRIBE at TMRW.TDAY FEST in JAMAICA!

You’re about to embark on an adventure where you are the vibe selector to craft your own experience from dawn until dusk! This is so exciting and we are here to help you every step of the way!

You likely need a flight + accomodations + your festival ticket!
We will help you get organized!

Here are the next steps & a direct contact to manifest Tmrw.Tday Fest into your reality. 
[ Please read all steps before you take action. ]

1. Decide what dates you want to travel. The festival runs from April 30 - May 5.

2. Purchase your ticket using code ACRO to gain savings + access to our secret location private acro experience for ACRO TRIBE members only. Tickets: HERE

3. Book your flight + accommodations.

4. Drop us an email or slide into our DM's @acrobuddhas and let us know you booked so we can do a happy dance with you!

Steps 1-3 can be taken care of by our Tmrw.Tday Fest travel expert, Sabrina Corrente via email or phone.  Sabrina has access to special rates for Tmrw.Tday Fest!
email: | toll free: 1-844-562-8466. x1218

WHAT YOU NEED TO SUPPLY SABRINA WITH: [ Copy & paste the following into an email addressed to Sabrina at  | Please copy us too; this way we can help with the process if need be: ]

Hi Sabrina - 

I want to join the ACRO TRIBE at Tmrw.Tday Fest! 
Can you please send me the best rates for flights + accommodations as follows:

1. Departure city:
2. Travel Dates:
3. Preferred Hotel 1:
4. Preferred Hotel 2:
5. Airpot Shuttle Needed - YES or NO?
6. Email:
7. Phone:

Thank you!
your name here

Cocolapalm Seaside Resort | breakfast included | from $105 /night
Rondel Village | breakfast included | $125 /night
Rooms Negril | all inclusive | from $129 /night
Country Country | breakfast included | from $140 /night
Skylark Beach Resort | no meals | from $190 / night
Idle Awhile Villas | no meals | from $240 /night
Idle Awhile Beach | no meals | from $240 /night

We are here to help if you have any questions outside of flights + hotels!  
Please reach out at any time:

We are counting down the sunsets until Tmrw.Tday Fest kicks off!
7 Mile Beach here we come! Ya mon!

We look forward to seeing you soon!