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HANDSTAND WORKSHOP! | CURACAO | Let's get upside-down!

  • CrossFit Willemstad N.V. Seru Loraweg Hal #3A Curacao (map)

HANDSTANDS!  Lets get upside-down!

People often ask us, why is it so hard to hand balance? 

There are two things in our way. 
The first is physics and the second is fear. 

Naturally, it’s harder to balance with a smaller, weaker base. Our hands are smaller than our feet and that makes it tricky to balance on our hands. On top of that, we have to learn to find a new center of balance while being completely inverted.

In this Handstand workshop we will teach you how to unlock the fundamentals of a perfect handstand. Whether you are looking to learn press ups or if you have never been inverted, we have all the tips and tricks to get you inverted. We will guide you through a variety of drills, conditioning and techniques that we use in our practice everyday.